Galway Flower Deliveries from Evergreen Florists

Phone 091-568842 – Saint Francis Street, Galway, Ireland

Evergreen Florists Will Remain Closed for the Duration of the Covid Crisis


Flowers are a natural product and are subject to seasonal variations and availability. Therefore, the flower that you have ordered may not be available when you order it. If this occurs we will substitute that flower with another without compromising on quality and value.

There is a delivery charge added to every order. This is assessed and added automatically when you enter the delivery address. If you want the order delivered to your billing address, untick the box at “Ship to a different address?“. If this in incorrect or omitted, the order may be refunded at our discretion.

Every effort will be made to complete your order, but if for some reason the order cannot be completed, e.g. a mistake in the order, address not found or the recipient has moved etc. the order will be refunded. The refund may be subject to deductions for expenses involved in our attempts to complete the order if the the buyer was the cause of the extra expense.

If the flower delivery arrives in an unsatisfactory condition or you are dissatisfied in any way, please phone us at the earliest opportunity so that we can correct the issue as soon as possible.

If the error is ours, a full refund or a replacement will be given and that will be the limit of our liabilities.