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A New baby must be welcomed into the world and celebrated. Mothers like to be appreciated and new arrivals must be welcomed and celebrated. What better way to do this than presenting the new mother with a beautiful flower arrangement.

Flowers say it all.

It is always an exciting time when a friend or loved one is expecting a new addition to the family! New Babies are a cause for celebration; beginning with the baby shower, sending baby flowers or gifts once the little one has arrived.

New Baby Showers

It is common for most countries to celebrate the new arrival with a baby shower. At a baby shower, friends and family of the expectant parents will give gifts to the baby and expectant mother. Such items include clothing and other baby products needed for a newborn. A gift hamper for example can be the perfect present to give at such an occasion.

If you know the sex of the baby you can choose the type of flowers and also make use of the colours blue or pink, but in cases where the parents have chosen not to know, a flower arrangement can easily be created to suit both sexes.

To share your admiration for the mom-to-be for all that she is doing, presenting her with new baby flowers at the baby shower is sure to do the trick! You can pamper her with a gift hamper filled with products such as chocolates and other decadent treats enhanced with a bouquet of flowers of if time does not allow the flowers alone will be much appreciated.

Since baby showers are not customary in all cultures, it is a wise idea to be aware of the most appropriate time to present your gift in order not to offend the parents-to-be. In the Jewish tradition, it is customary to give a gift after the birth of the baby rather than before. New parents in the Greek culture hang Laurel wreaths on their doors to announce the arrival of their newborn, after which you will be welcome to share in their celebration. Whatever the custom however, giving a gift such as flowers would be more than welcomed by new parents in any culture.

Once the Little One Has Arrived

Just because only the father and close relatives are usually allowed to visit the mother after she had given birth, doesn’t mean you cannot share in their celebration. By sending flowers to the mother during her stay in hospital after she has given birth, you can share your excitement at the safe arrival of the newborn with the new parents.

For a bit of a twist on tradition, you could also send flowers to the new father. His joy is just as important as that of the mother and seeing as he has shared the joy and excitement of the pregnancy, it would only seem reasonable that he receives a token of congratulations. Maybe even a hamper with champagne and a cigar could be sent on your behalf to share in his delight.

Grandparents play a big role in the care of the child, especially since both parents work in most modern families, the celebration of a “Grandparent’s Shower” has seen the light of day.

As a sweet surprise you can present them with the same type of useful hamper as you would the parents. You can show your appreciation for their loving care; they will love a gift basket overflowing with baby essentials.

An ideal gift would be a hamper for the whole family! A good flower and gift delivery specialist should have hampers available that include gifts for mom, baby, and the big brother or sister.

All-in-all, the welcoming of a newborn, both during pregnancy and after birth, is celebrated with much happiness. You can add to this eventful time by celebrating it with baby flowers or a gift hamper, and through this gesture, share in the celebration of life!

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